Redefining Media.


Digital Activation

At Carat, we firmly believe that digital is no longer an add-on or nice to have as part of a media plan. Quite simply everything is digital and the word "digital" itself is fast becoming outdated. Our teams deliver best-in-class execution, share best practices and strive to innovate through technology. In addition, our digital expertise goes far beyond specialisms – all our planners have strong fundamentals in both digital and traditional media. Our sister agency iProspect - based in the same building - further powers our capabilities in terms of performance-based digital, with teams dedicated to exchange desks, affiliates, conversion optimisation and DR media.

This ensures that digital is always considered at the beginning of the planning process, rather than the end. This enables us to deliver integrated campaigns with a digital core across bought, owned and earned media that deliver outstanding business value to our clients.


Carat has a dedicated team of social specialists who work with client teams to ensure that social media opportunities are always integrated into the heart of the plans we create. Our social expertise stretches from paid-for opportunities on sites like Twitter and Facebook right through to the moderation of communities for our clients and the creation of entire campaigns within the earned sphere.


Carat Singapore provides the best-in-class media planning product across all media, based on our proprietary real-world planning approach, Integrated Communications Planning (ICP). Our planners come from both traditional media and digital backgrounds and are trained to have an excellent understanding of bought, owned and earned media opportunities across the spectrum, below and through the line.


Carat has a reputation as a strong media buyer in Singapore – it is the foundation of our business and commands no less importance in today’s media world. We use innovative and new approaches to ensure our clients - large and small- benefit from the best rates in the market.  We also continue to pioneer new trading and partnership approaches with media owners, working across portfolios and including both traditional and emerging platforms. Our expertise covers the entire media spectrum from press, television and radio to digital marketing and sponsorships.

Insights & Analytics

Carat is a forerunner in research, insight and analytics capabilities. We have pioneered the development of many tools that have helped our clients create more powerful marketing strategies. Our proprietary survey, the Consumer Connection System (CCS), is a single source study providing in-depth consumer, media and marketing data. In APAC, CCS is currently active in China, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and now in Singapore.

It has a sample size of 2,500+ in Singapore and includes detailed media usage data in addition to attitudinal data. Our clients can add their own questions to the survey and we can link this data into existing databases. We regularly create bespoke segmentations and data fusions that deliver business value for our clients.