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Clear Channel Go Upsize from Bus Shelters

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Tangs is an Orchard Road institution
Tangs is an Orchard Road institution
Premium advertisers have traditionally chosen Tangs
Premium advertisers have traditionally chosen Tangs

Clear Channel Singapore, with 5,000 sites island-wide, has been a market leader in bus shelter advertising in Singapore. A recent win sees its market share grow exponentially as Clear Channel takes over the reins of one of the most sought after advertising sites in the city with the exterior facades of Tangs Plaza.

This is new ground for Clear Channel, with its largest offering hitherto being Flagship Bus Shelters. The iconic Tangs Plaza building has three main advertising sites:  two smaller banners measuring approximately 20m (W) x 10m (H) face Orchard Road while the other, aptly named Mega Banner measures 30m (W) x 10m (H) faces Scotts Road.

This transition opens a whole new client portfolio for Clear Channel as luxury brands which usually stay away from bus shelter formats will now come onboard for Tang Plaza facades. From Adidas to Burberry, from Nokia to Vertu; Clear Channel is now served UPSIZED.

As with any upsized meal, it comes with a higher price tag as well.

Same location, same size yet the change of sales house sees a whopping 20% increase from the original media rate! We have yet to see if they are managing to sell at that price, but demand for these sites is usually very strong. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come for premium Orchard Road positions!



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