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Facebook Messenger app succeeds in APAC

The power of messenger
The power of messenger

Nearly six in 10 mobile internet users in the Philippines used Facebook Messenger. Close to half of mobile internet users in Malaysia and Vietnam did as well, and penetration was over 40% in Indonesia. Singapore follows Indonesia very closely, with nearly 4 in 10 using Facebook Messenger. It is in fact, Facebook Messenger continues to rank among the top 3 apps downloads across OS in Singapore in October, after 3 months in the top positions. This is more striking when considering Singapore is traditionally a fast moving market, where downloads rankings vary week by week.

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When Facebook rolled out a separate app for its messaging functions, US-oriented tech media roiled with complaints about the permissions the app required and questions about why a second Facebook app was necessary. But mobile internet users in many developing markets, especially in Asia-Pacific, do not appear as likely to have had such questions. APAC where messaging apps are very popular may be the reason behind such success in APAC and Singapore market in particular.

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