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FIFA World Cup 2014 - Did Singapore Advertisers miss their ‘Super Bowl’ Opportunity?

FIFA World Cup 2014 Pix courtesy:
FIFA World Cup 2014 Pix courtesy:

The FIFA World Cup is over, and the excitement is ebbing. If you haven’t heard of Suarez’s chomp, or Brazil’s mauling or Messi’s misses, you were probably visiting another planet! No other event has caught the imagination of so many, and probably never will except of course the next FIFA World Cup.

For advertisers, World Cup Soccer, offered a fantastic opportunity to reach millions of consumers and to connect with them – think of Nike, McDonald’s, Adidas, Beats and Emirates. However, whilst globally brands have understood the power of this event, advertisers in Singapore have singularly missed out on an opportunity which probably paralleled the Super Bowl in USA.

An analysis of TV viewing of the final match between Germany and Argentina on OKTO, shows that the live telecast of the game reached 866,000 viewers or 17% of Singapore’s resident population! Even more astounding is that throughout the 120 minute telecast, 572,000 viewers were watching the game at any given minute.

In addition, with over 400,000 households or 1.2 million individuals subscribing to MiO TV, it is quite likely that the total number of viewers of the final match would have exceeded a million.  In other words almost 1 in 4 of those living in Singapore had tuned into the game....this compares very favourably to the 1 in 3 who tuned into Super Bowl 2014 in the US.

Not only did the final game fare well in terms of TV viewership, the semi-finals too attracted large chunks of viewers. Table below shows that the total viewers for each of the 2 games were approximately 500,000 each.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Kanta

Data source: Kantar. Base: All individuals 4+ in Singapore

However, this is where the similarity ends. Despite the fact that no platform or vehicle in Singapore offers a targeting opportunity anywhere close to the telecast of the FIFA World Cup Soccer games, the telecasts in Singapore were noticeably devoid of much advertising. The opportunity presented by more than a million people who watched on TV for 120 minutes at 3am, ‘Zero distraction, 100% attention’,  was largely ignored by Singapore based advertisers....well except by the National Council of Problem Gambling!

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