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Kiss92 FM: Women Rule. On Air.

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SG Radio Landscape (Nielsen)
SG Radio Landscape (Nielsen)

by Tan Feng Guat

Since its launch in September 2012, Kiss92 FM, Singapore’s first new radio station in 20 years, has definitely made its presence heard.

In just 6 months, Kiss92 FM has achieved a reach of 3.5% for people aged 15 and above, already competing with more established stations. Listenership numbers between September and October stood at 142,000. According to Nielsen Radio Diary Survey, which concluded in November, the number has now increased to 151,000.

This achievement is remarkable given its newbie status.

This is even more remarkable given an overall downward trend in radio listenership across the other main stations. Amongst the Kiss92 target audience of females aged 30-49, it has built a listenership of 32,000, while there has been a fall in listenership across other stations, with Class 95 suffering the most significant drop of 26.8% (from 220,000 to 161,000 listeners in this target audience).

While Kiss92 may be targeting females, it is interesting to note that in this case, it is not just the women who get it – the majority of its listeners are males (56.9% vs. 43.1%). Despite this, Kiss92 should continue with its strategy of targeting women as it is a clear differentiation in a crowded radio market.

This focused approach should make it less vulnerable to the entrance of new radio stations, and it is clearly working so far.

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